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t shirt heat transfer

What Is Heat Transfer?

heat transfer on t shirts

It is one of the garment printing method. The design is printed on the clothing by heat transfer process. And it is mainly used in t shirts, jackets, kids clothing.

Generally, it includes flat heat transfer, foaming heat transfer, flocking heat transfer and reflective heat transfer.

Heat transfer has a wide range of applications of garment printing. It is easy to apply, and has replaced the traditional screen printing in some field.

Water transfer printing is also gradually transformed to the heat transfer. Nowadays some fashion brands start to use heat transfer. The prospect of heat transfer becomes better and better, and the competition are becoming intense, too.

How Does Heat Transfer Work?

heat transfer process

The pattern is first printed on the PET film coated with release agent, and wait to get dry. Then the patterned film is ironed onto the surface of clothes or fabrics by high temperature and pressure. Next, tear off the film and the heat transfer is done.

It is suitable for various types of clothes and fabrics. However, it is not suitable for high stretch fabrics. The pattern might be damaged when the fabric is stretched.

The Advantages of Heat Transfer

Heat transfer can print complicated designs with high resolution such as people photos and 3D animation pattern. It can achieve almost the same visual quality as computer. Moreover, the printing cost is low.

The Disadvantages of Heat Transfer

The obvious uncomfort comes from its surface. When you touch the pattern, you will feel like a plastic film, preventing the air from skin, just like puff printing. Thus we suggest that you can use it for smaller patterns.

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