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wash labels care info

As one of the clothing label types, care labels often contain regular care information on how to wash, dry, and iron. Care labels are usually made of polyester, cotton, satin, silk, nylon. Thus they look very different from main labels, size labels, and paper hang tags.

clothing care labels or wash labels

And unlike hang tags, care labels often have the ability of water resistance. Before printing, the care labels’ fabrics will undergo special chemical or coating treatments to achieve a better printing effect and water resistance.

Also, like other clothing labels, care labels risk scratching the skin. We recommend three ways to avoid this happening.

1.Label Placement

care labels on the side seam

Over the years, the fashion apparel industry has settled on a few locations for care labels. The most popular options are the side seam, sleeve, bottom hem and inner pocket. Especially when we wear a loose-fit sweatshirt or hoodie, we can almost feel nothing about the care label. There is even a better way for kidswear brands. They choose to stitch the care label on the garment outside. Thus even if it’s a tight baby tee, there is no direct contact on the skin. Read this blog to learn how care labels on the outside benefit your brand.

2.Label Material

all kinds of care labels

Satin polyester is a very soft material and is ideally suited for care labels. Nylon is smooth, thin and light. It can also be suitable for care labels. Cotton is also a flexible labelling alternative due to its comfort and durability for care labels.

3.Printed Label

printed care labels on the neck part

If you want to reduce any risk of scratching, you can choose to print the care information together with the brand info on the neck part to replace the main label. Moreover, you can use silk screen printing or DTG printing to achieve a better wear experience because there is little foreign touch feeling.

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