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fabric choices for seasonal t shirts

GSM stands for grams per square metre, which refers to the weight of a fabric. You can regard it the as the thickness of the clothes. Higher gsm also means the fabric is thicker and vice versa.

With 130-170 gsm, the fabric may look thin. And it is easy to get deformed after 5 times of wear because of its lightweight. We recommend the 170 gsm if you plan to make summer t-shirts.

fabric for summer t shirts

With 180-220 gsm, the fabric quality will be better. And it is not easy to get deformed. It can at least last for two seasons. Thus it has become the most popular choice among fashion streetwear brands. However, it is much more expensive due to its high quality.

180 gsm polyester

With 200-260 gsm, the fabric almost can meet your needs for more durable, good quality, and stylish t-shirts. With over 260 gsm, the fabric will be suitable for autumnwear and winterwear because of heavyweight. If you choose it for summer t-shirts, many people might refuse to put on such heavy t-shirts at 30 degrees Celsius.

To sum up, the thinner fabric is a little transparent, and the heavier fabric tends to be stuffy. The 220-260 gsm fabric will be perfect for making short t-shirts because of its texture, breathability and comfort. And 230-160gsm will be perfect for making long sleeve t-shirts.

fabrics to make long sleeve t shirts

We also recommend 150-220 gsm for women’s tees and 180-260 gsm for men’s tees. To make spring and autumn t-shirts, choosing a fabric with 210-260 gsm will be better. For other clothing styles like hoodies, you can read this article about hoodie fabric choices. Or you are now free to contact us for professional fabric suggestions.

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