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Custom Clothing Made of High Quality Supima Cotton

Introduction: What is Supima Cotton?

The name “Supima” comes from the combination of “superior” and “Pima,” which refers to its very high standards. Cotton grown in the United States, known as Supima, is superior quality. It accounts for less than one percent of all cotton grown worldwide. Besides being the best type of cotton, Supima cotton is unique among other kinds of cotton due to its extra-long staple fiber, giving it high-quality properties such as strength, softness, and color retention.

5 blank t-shirts made of supima cotton

One hundred percent of Supima cotton is grown in the US, including 93 percent in the San Joaquin Valley of California, three percent in Arizona, two percent in New Mexico, and the remaining two percent in Texas. There are some experts, however, who say that California produces the finest Supima cotton due to its dry climate, consistent soil, and fertile soil.

Contrary to public opinion, Supima isn’t a specific variety of cotton plants but rather a brand. The American Supima Association (ASA) owns the brand and its trademarks. Following highly exacting standards, this association grades, regulates and markets cotton from Pima. Since the ASA only exists in the United States, actual Supima fabrics can only be purchased. To ensure that Supima cotton remains one of the least harmful forms of cotton, the ASA has strict guidelines for Supima production, ensuring that growers do not employ any harmful or dangerous practices during the manufacturing process.

How Supima Differs from Other Types of Cotton?

First of all, its fibers are 35 percent longer than regular cotton, making them considerably softer and 45 percent stronger than other types of cotton. Supima® cotton also accounts for less than three percent of all cotton grown in the US and has full certification from the Supima® association. You can visit this article to know more about pima cotton vs cotton.

Supmia cotton

Is It Better than Egyptian Cotton?

Well, the answer to this question depends on what you want to use it for. Supima cotton has a much higher level of protein. This property makes it softer and more durable than Egyptian cotton.

Egyptian cotton’s superior quality lies in its ability to stretch without breaking and its capacity to absorb moisture before feeling heavy or wet. These features are what make Egyptian cotton one of the most coveted types of fabric today.

Egyptian cotton is used extensively for finer fabric products like bed sheets, pillowcases, and underwear. It is also used for high-end clothing like suits and jackets by top designers such as Armani and Ralph Lauren.

What does Supima cotton do for you?

You’ll immediately find that its softness can make sleeping much more comfortable. In addition, wearing Supima cotton in any season is not only fashionable but easy-care and relaxed. The Supima cotton benefits are innumerable, especially for clothing lines.

Why Supima is Better than Regular Cotton for Custom Clothing?

Hands-down, the most comfortable fabric for custom clothing is supima cotton. This is due to its superior softness, better breathability, and virtual weightlessness. It’s also the most commonly used fabric of all time and is utilized for making all types and styles of clothing. And, since it’s so durable and 45 percent stronger than regular cotton, it offers much more minor pilling and shrinkage. That resiliency gives garments better draping qualities and more excellent fit and comfort that won’t ever change over time.

Differences between regular cotton seed and supima cotton seed

Reasons to Use Supima Cotton in Your Fashion Design

Supima cotton is widely used for making high-end consumer garments, and some examples include bathrobes, dress shirts, nightgowns, pajamas, T-shirts, underwear, and designer fashions of all kinds. Almost all the worldwide luxury brands prefer to use it to facilitate their spinning process and produce high-quality fashion design materials that are both even and exceptionally easy to dye.

In addition, Supima cotton fibers are much more refined, resulting in their increased ability to absorb dye via deep and long-lasting infiltration. This means improved color retention and vibrant colors year after year and washes after wash. The world’s leading fashion brands use Supima cotton to craft luxurious fashion designs. And it’s so soft that designers often use it as the perfect substitute for silk. Any designer garment or accessory usually made of silk or other fashion design fabric types can also be made using Supima cotton.

Does Supima Cotton Shrink?

Yes, it can shrink if you don’t use reasonable care in laundering it. Proper seasonal care for clothing made of Supima cotton means using a cold water wash to prevent shrinking. And, using gentle detergents and your washer’s delicate setting is highly recommended. For optimum results, avoid putting Supima cotton shirts in the dryer. Instead, your best bet is to allow them to air dry on your clothesline or drying rack.

How to Care for Supima in the Winter

You can care for Supimas in the same way that you usually care for all of your regular cotton items. And, the more you wash it and wear it, the more you’ll experience that only Supima difference because its softness is enhanced via use and wear along with its lasting color and durability. You’ll find that all of your Supima® cotton products will stand out among all of the other items in your closet.

Conclusion: Why Supima Cotton Is The Best Choice

For modern-day applications, from sheets to designer clothes, cotton is always the very best fabric, and Supima cotton happens to be at the top of the cotton category. It’s smooth, silky, insanely breathable, and super soft. It’s also the only kind of cotton with a quality verification process. If you have enough budget, you can try this fabric for your clothing brand. If you are looking for custom clothing manufacturer, go check here. If you want to learn more about slub vs. pima cotton, read this article.

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