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Slub Vs Pima Cotton

Introduction: What is Slub Cotton?

To understand slub cotton, you need to understand the term ‘slub.’ This word is a term to describe unintentional mistakes in manufacturing cotton fabric.

The term slub refers to a part of the yarn that is a lot thicker than other sections of yarn. It can look like a lump or be an extra-thick area of the fabric. When this thickness first appeared, it was considered a mistake.

slub cotton t shirts for women

But today, it is an intentional design aspect to provide the cotton with more texture and create a new look to the shirt, t-shirt or blouse, etc. Slub cotton is a fabric or clothing item made with these thick lumps.

These slubs are made by twisting the yarn before weaving it into something fashionable. Slub cotton clothing only means that the shirt, blouse, etc., were made from fabric that contained these intentional mistakes.

Parts of those clothing items will have a thicker fabric in one area than another.

What is Pima Cotton?

This version of cotton is often thought of as the top of the cotton fabric line. It is also considered to be the finest cotton material you can wear. Its ultra-soft texture comes from the long cotton strands used to make the fabric.

Pima cotton mens t-shirts

The raw materials for this version of cotton fabric come from the Gossypium barbadense cotton plant that can only grow in tropical areas. This means the plant is very vulnerable to cold weather conditions.

Plus, this little tree with yellow flowers has a long history of being grown in South America and the West Indies since about 3000 BC. The cotton fibers grow to about 2 inches in length, making them very soft when woven correctly.

Once woven into different bedding and clothing items, the cotton material is very breathable, has high moisture-wicking abilities, and does not retain heat. Its drawbacks include medium stretching ability and some pilling.

It is said that Pima cotton got its name to honor the Pima Indians in southern Arizona. You will find this fabric in thread counts between 200 and 300.

What is the Difference Between Slub and Pima?

The biggest difference will be that Pima cotton was not discovered by making a mistake. This fabric was made traditionally with mistakes removed to provide a smooth and comfortable material.

Another big difference will be in the design of the fabric. Slub cotton will have a different texture to it and design as those slubs provide varying thicknesses throughout the fabric. Pima cotton is always smooth and soft to the touch.

Also, one difference comes down to the staple length. In simple words, Slub is a cotton fabric with a slubby or rough appearance. Slub is mostly used in home furnishings.

Pima is a type of cotton which has long, fine fibers and comes from the American Southwest region. It is mostly used for its softness, durability, and comfort properties.

Also, slub cotton is manufactured differently than Pima cotton. The latter goes through a long process, including combing to get rid of lumps, etc. For slub cotton, the process includes knotting and twisting the fiber before including those little knots and lumps in the weaving process.

A big difference between the two materials will be their cost. Slub cotton generally sells for around $25 per yard. Pima cotton is about twice that price at $48 per yard at one retail outlet.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Slub Cotton Over Pima?

The first benefit will be you save some money. Pima can be a very expensive cotton material, and you can save about 1/2 of the cost of Pima when you buy a slub cotton clothing item.

Then you can wear slub cotton just about at any time as it contains all the properties that normally come with the cotton fabric. You can wash it easier as Pima cotton may need to be hand washed or sent to the dry cleaners.

Also, you can wear slub cotton when you are participating in some sporting activities that would ruin the Pima cotton material. Then you will get a unique look when you don the slub cotton shirt over the Pima cotton option.

The two materials generally have the same qualities, and there would not be any benefits in wearing one over the other.

What are the Drawbacks of Slub Cotton?

The first drawback you will find is the same for all cotton fabrics. This material has a low stretching ability. Once it is stretched out of shape, that is the look you will have forever.

Over time, slub cotton will lose its thickness as it is not wear-resistant. This material does not fluff up and will get thinner and smoother the more you wear it. If you are into designing your T-shirt graphics, slub cotton is the option to avoid.

Slub cotton is not suitable for graphic designs that many people like to put on their clothing. Speaking of looks, you may find that the textured look that slub cotton brings to your wardrobe may not fit your preferences.

Finally, like every other cotton material out there, you have to be careful how you wash it. It will shrink on you, at least 1 inch or so. This material is a good casual t-shirt to wear on a hot summer evening but not that good for more important occasions.

It All Comes Down to Your Budget and Style Preferences

Those are the most important factors involved in your decision-making process. Pima cotton may be too expensive for your budget even though it looks and feels good. You can buy twice as many Slub cotton garments as you can Pima cotton garments.

Then, your look is important to you. The Slub cotton option may not appeal to everyone. The textured look may take time to get used to and match your clothing accessories.

Both fabrics come in various colors, so that won’t be a problem. If you want to know more fabric types for your clothing line, welcome to visit this page. If you want to know more about clothes accessories, you can visit here.

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