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silk vs imitated silk

There is a kind of fabric on the market. Its texture looks very similar to silk, and the hand feeling is smooth. What’s more, its price is much lower. So what are the differences between silk fabrics and imitated silk fabrics? How to distinguish them? Let me explain to you!

1.Silk fabric

Silk is made from cocoons that are spit out by silkworms. Artificial silk undergoes a chemical process, while silk is natural.

2.Imitated silk fabric

The Imitated silk fabric is made of polyester. It imitates the characteristics of silk, which is lighter, softer, and skin-friendly. It can be stronger than silk. But after all, it is imitation, and the texture is still not as good as silk. The imitation silk fabric surface is reflective, obviously, and the texture is relatively light and thin.

How to distinguish them?


It is an intuitive way to distinguish silk and imitation silk fabrics. The appearance of silk fabrics is elegant and soft, like pearls; it feels soft and smooth, stretchy; the appearance of imitation silk is not as soft and shiny as silk. It’s easy to crease, and it is not easy to return to its original state.

Burn test

The silk fiber burns slowly and shrinks into a ball. When burning, it emits the smell of burning hair. There is no flame. After burning, it will form brittle black-brown particles; the imitation silk fabric will have flames when it gets burned, and there will be hard glue on the edge after burning.


The price of silk fabrics can be double that of chemical fibers, imitation silk satin. So, don’t trust that some merchants sell silk at a low price. You can also find a few more fabric suppliers and then compare the prices, which can help you to make a better decision.

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