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finding a clothing supplier

How to find clothing suppliers?

Most buyers will enter keywords through search engines, such as Google, or B2B websites, such as Alibaba, etc.; exhibitions, ins, youtube, Facebook, or friend recommendations.

There are a lot of suppliers. How to choose high-quality clothing suppliers?

1.View supplier’s product lines

By looking at a supplier’s product line, buyers can get a good idea of whether the garment supplier is a manufacturer or a trading company.

2.Confirm delivery date

Whether the supplier can meet the agreed delivery period and delivery conditions directly affect the continuity of production. Therefore, delivery time is also one of the factors to consider when choosing a supplier.

3.Know its exporting countries

By knowing the main countries that suppliers export to, you can preliminarily judge the quality level of these products. Suppose they have past experience in exporting to the United States or Western European countries. In that case, it is an obvious positive signal because these countries will have higher quality requirements.

4.Ask suppliers to provide samples

Getting a sample is a low-risk way to test a supplier to see if they can manufacture the product to the buyer’s standards if they understand the seller’s requirements and pay attention to details.

Before submitting a purchase order, never forget to order a sample. Thus you can get to know potential suppliers. After comparing the sample quality of 2-3 suppliers, choose the supplier with the lowest price and suitable minimum order quantity, and then you can complete the final order purchase!

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