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Unveiling the Diversity of Different Types of Pockets

In the world of fashion, even the smallest details tell a story. Pockets, often overlooked, play a vital role in blending practicality with style. As we explore our favourite clothes, different types of pockets stand as one of the most essential elements. Because the diversity and versatility of different types of pockets add more to our favourite clothes.

The most prominent pocket styles include patch, slant, welt, flap pockets, and many more. Cargo pockets and flap coin pockets are trendy in all seasons. Similarly, in-seam, zipper, and bellows pockets are best known for their functionality and style.

Whether you are a clothing retailer, a fashion startup, or simply a fashion lover, knowing about different types of pockets can be very useful. This knowledge can come in handy to stay one step ahead in terms of fashion and styling your clothes. Incorporating different styles of pockets in your daily clothes can be a wonderful way to express yourself. So, read on to learn more.

10 Types Of Pocket Styles Every Fashion Brand Should Know

Pockets are an integral yet often overlooked part of clothing design. They serve both functional and aesthetic purposes in our day-to-day clothes.

From jeans to jackets, the diversity of pocket styles adds character and storage solutions to your favourite clothes. So, if you are a fashion entrepreneur, here are some must-know pocket styles to explore.

Patch Pockets 

Patch pockets are characterized by their external placement. They are a hallmark of casual wear because of their simplicity and convenience. These pockets consist of fabric pieces sewn directly onto the garment’s exterior, contributing to a relaxed and utilitarian aesthetic.

Patch Pockets

Patch pockets are found on shirts, jackets, and pants; patch pockets vary in size and shape, allowing for versatility in design. Their open structure makes them ideal for everyday wear, providing convenient storage for small items like keys or a pocket square.

Reflecting a laid-back style, patch pockets seamlessly combine functionality with a casual and approachable appearance.

Slant Pockets 

Slant pockets, also known as diagonal or angled pockets, bring a touch of sophistication to garment design. Positioned at an angle, these pockets are commonly featured on trousers, skirts, and jackets. The angled opening creates a sleek and dynamic look, contributing to a tailored, streamlined silhouette.

Slant Pockets

While often associated with more formal attire, slant pockets bridge the gap between formal and casual. Hence, clothes with slant pockets make them versatile for various events. Their understated elegance adds a refined touch to tailored clothing, making slant pockets popular in formal and smart-casual wardrobes.

Welt Pockets 

With their clean and minimalist design, Welt pockets are a classic feature in tailored garments. Commonly found on blazers, suit jackets, and dress pants, welt pockets are characterized by a narrow, horizontal opening with a fabric welt sewn around it. This pocket style exudes sophistication and is often associated with formal and business attire.

Welt Pockets

The horizontal opening in welt pockets creates a subtle yet elegant detail, contributing to the overall polished appearance of the garment. A hallmark of classic tailoring, welt pockets showcase a timeless and refined aesthetic. As a result, welt pockets are a preferred choice for fashion lovers seeking a sophisticated look.

Flap Pockets 

Distinguishing by the covering flap that conceals the pocket opening, flap pockets strike a balance between style and functionality. Whether featured on jackets, blazers, or various shirts, flap pockets add a decorative element to the garment. The flap provides visual interest and a practical purpose by offering extra security for items inside the pocket.

Flap Pockets

Hence, flap pockets are versatile and suitable for casual and semi-formal wear. From utility jackets to blazers, flap pockets contribute to a polished appearance while ensuring that belongings remain secure. It makes them a popular choice for those seeking a harmonious blend of style and functionality.

Cargo Pockets

Cargo pockets, a favourite in outdoor and military-inspired clothing, are characterized by their spacious design and additional compartments. Cargo pockets on the sides of pants or shorts offer a utilitarian and rugged aesthetic. Although many people associate cargo pockets with military uniforms, in recent times, they are very popular among youngsters. From street styles to brunch outings, cargo-pocketed pants are taking on the fashion world.

Cargo Pockets

The size of cargo pockets allows for the storage of various items, making them practical for outdoor activities and casual wear. Cargo pockets contribute to a functional and adventurous style, making them a popular choice for men and women alike. So, cargo pockets are a favourite to those who prioritize utility without sacrificing a laid-back and casual look.

In-Seam Pockets 

In-seam pockets seamlessly integrate into the garment’s seams, creating a sleek and minimalist appearance. Commonly featured in dresses, skirts, and some trousers, these pockets maintain the overall design of the garment while providing discreet storage.

In-Seam Pockets

In-seam pockets are appreciated for their subtlety, offering functionality without disrupting the aesthetic coherence of the clothing. They are preferred for those who value a clean and understated look, allowing the garment’s design to take centre stage.

Flap Coin Pockets

A smaller variation of the flap pocket, the flap coin pocket is often a distinctive feature in jeans. Positioned within one of the front pockets, this small pocket with a flap adds both a decorative element and functionality.

Flap Coin Pockets

So, flap coin pockets serve as a designated space for storing small items like coins or keys, preventing them from getting lost among larger belongings. The flap coin pocket contributes to the overall design of denim, offering a subtle yet characteristic detail. Using flap coin pockets can reflect both practicality and style.

Jetted Pockets 

Jetted or besom pockets are a hallmark of elegant and classic tailoring. Commonly found in formal wear such as tuxedos and suit jackets, these pockets have a narrow slit without any flaps or welts.

Jetted Pockets

Their minimalist design contributes to a sophisticated and refined appearance, aligning perfectly with the aesthetic of formal and evening attire. Jetted pockets showcase a commitment to clean lines and timeless elegance, making them an essential feature in garments that demand a high level of formality and style.

Zipper Pockets

Zipper pockets, characterized by a zipper closure, offer a secure and stylish alternative for storing essentials. Typically found on jackets, pants, and sportswear, these pockets provide an extra layer of protection. It makes zipper pockets suitable for items that must be secured during various activities.

Zipper Pockets

Additionally, zipper pockets are a testament to embracing modern-day style. Zipper pockets can grab the highlight, especially in leather jackets, jeans, and different blouse designs. The zipper feature adds a modern and dynamic touch to the garment and ensures that belongings stay in place. So, zipper pockets are a practical choice for casual and activewear.

Bellows Pockets

Bellows pockets, also known as expandable pockets, are designed with pleats or folds that allow the pocket to expand, accommodating larger items. Commonly featured on military-inspired clothing and safari jackets, bellows pockets offer a blend of functionality and visual interest.

Bellows Pockets

When you close the bellows pockets, they can maintain a sleek appearance. However, their expandable nature makes them versatile for carrying bulkier items when needed. Bellow’s pockets contribute to a rugged and adventurous style, making them a distinctive outdoor and casual wear choice.

Different Types Of Pockets In Men Vs Women’s Clothing

Regarding fashion and style, different types of pockets play a significant role in men’s and women’s clothing. The existence and design of pockets often reveal subtle yet significant differences between men’s and women’s clothing. So, the styling of pockets can vary greatly, reflecting societal norms, historical trends, and evolving gender boundaries.

Men’s Pockets 

Traditionally, men’s clothing has embraced a utilitarian approach to pockets. Men’s pants, in particular, commonly feature deep, functional pockets. Jeans, trousers, and even jackets for men are designed with ample space to accommodate essentials like wallets, keys, and smartphones.

Men's Pockets

So, styling pockets for men’s clothing has always been the priority of pockets where functionality is a significant concern. The emphasis is often on practicality, reflecting a historical context where men’s clothing was expected to serve a more utilitarian purpose. But as the times evolve, we can see fashion brands bringing more and more styles into pockets.

The shift from functionality being a primary concern to embracing style and comfort in types of pockets for menswear is prominent now. For this reason, you can see zipper pockets, welp pockets, and often in-seam pockets available in menswear.  

Women’s Pockets

In contrast, women’s clothing has historically been more varied and, at times, criticized for lacking functional pockets. Women’s pants, skirts, and dresses are frequently designed with smaller or faux pockets. So, prioritizing aesthetics over utility was typical for women’s pockets.

However, contemporary fashion has shifted towards more inclusive pocket designs for women. Women’s fashion brands have responded to this by incorporating more practical and functional pockets. From dresses with hidden pockets to tailored trousers featuring deep pockets, there is a move towards dismantling traditional gender norms in fashion.

Women's Pockets

The push for gender-neutral designs emphasizes the importance of utility and convenience for everyone, regardless of gender. The discussion around pockets for men versus women extends beyond mere design preferences.

Different types of pockets in men’s and women’s clothing are becoming more similar. Fashion brands prioritize fashion, aesthetics, and functionality for both genders. So, if you are a fashion startup or retailer, ensure you work with inclusive manufacturers. The right manufacturer can be a cornerstone for your fashion brand.

How Can Fashion Brands Use Pockets To Enhance Style

The diverse array of pocket styles within fashion extends beyond mere functionality, playing a vital role in shaping garments’ overall aesthetic and design. Each pocket style contributes a distinct personality to the clothing it graces.

Beyond their utilitarian function, Pockets play a crucial role in enhancing the style quotient of garments. Take cargo pants, for instance, where the abundance of pockets transforms a piece of clothing into a style statement. The multiple compartments cater to practical needs, allowing individuals to carry essentials effortlessly. At the same time, they also contribute to an urban and utilitarian aesthetic.

So, cargo pants become a symbol of casual, street-inspired fashion. Moreover, the evolution of women’s fashion is witnessing a notable trend – traditional frocks and gowns now embrace pockets. This shift from the norm fulfils a long-standing demand for functionality in women’s clothing and introduces a modern and inclusive element.

Dresses featuring pockets manage to strike the perfect balance between elegance and convenience. Pockets can be hidden seamlessly within seams or adorned with decorative flaps and pockets in women’s wear. Fashion choices like this break stereotypes and demonstrate that style and functionality coexist harmoniously, enriching the fashion landscape.

As designers continue to innovate, pockets are now not just as practical accessories. Instead, they are a vital component in the fashion narrative, where each pocket tells a story of convenience, expression, and evolving style.

The Evolving Trend of Pockets: What You Need To Know 

The evolving trends of different types of pockets in the fashion industry reflect shifts in consumer preferences and lifestyle changes. The prominent pocket trends include sustainability, ethical concerns, unpredictable styles, and breaking gender-based stereotypes.

Fashion brands must align with the evolving trends of pockets to remain relevant and meet the evolving needs of their customer base. For starters, sustainability and ethical concerns are major for retailers now. As sustainability gains prominence in the fashion landscape, there is an increasing demand for pockets that align with eco-friendly practices.

Brands are exploring materials like recycled fabrics and sustainable alternatives. This ensures that the entire garment, including its pockets, adheres to ethical manufacturing standards.


Similarly, consumers are increasingly valuing versatility in their clothing. Multi-functional pockets that serve various purposes, such as detachable, convertible, or expandable, are gaining popularity. This trend allows individuals to adapt their clothing to different situations, offering practicality without compromising style.

Beyond functionality, pockets are becoming design focal points. Fashion-forward brands experiment with asymmetrical placements, oversized designs, and intricate detailing. So, turning pockets into statement features that highlight the garment is becoming popular.

Additionally, fashion brands recognize the importance of inclusivity in design, especially regarding gender norms. More brands are incorporating functional and stylish pockets in women’s clothing, breaking away from the traditional lack of pockets in specific garments. This inclusive approach is practical and aligns with the demand for empowering fashion choices.

So, the push for gender-neutral designs emphasizes the importance of utility and convenience for everyone, regardless of gender. The evolution of pocket design reflects the changing landscape of gender expectations in society. Today, individuals across the gender spectrum are advocating for pockets that complement their style and accommodate the practical needs of modern life.


In this way, different types of pockets are not just a part of your clothing. It can reflect your fashion taste, comfort, and functionality. So, fashion brands, startups, and retailers must align with pockets’ diversity and changing trends.

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