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terry cloth for hoodies

What Is Terry Cloth?

Terry cloth is very popular in the knitted garment exhibition. It is also called Loopback, because it is knitted on a loop with two single sets of warp threads, with one set of threads having a very loose tension.

all kinds of terry cloth

This fabric is mostly 100% cotton, but it can also be a blend of cotton with a small percentage of polyester, lycra, or spandex. Due to the technic difference, it can be divided into single-sided terry and double-sided terry. And there are three main terry types: towel terry, terry velour, and french terry. As a custom clothing manufacturer, we often recommend french terry to our customers.

100% cotton french terry

Terry cloth is usually very thick, and the loop can hold more air. Therefore, it is mostly used for autumn and winter wear. And it can be processed into flannel after the brushing process on the loop, which is softer and warmer than the original cloth.

flannel terry cloth

The Advantages of Terry Cloth

The fabric is warmer because of its thickness.

heavy terry cloth hoodie

Good elasticity allows the fabric to recover quickly after deformation.

The good performance on moisture absorption allows it to be breathable and comfortable.

The fabric is generally made of pure cotton, so it’s soft, skin-friendly, and not easy to pilling.

The shipping fee is more cost-efficient because one box can contain more terry hoodies than fleece hoodies. By the way, read this blog to know how to choose fabric for hoodies if you are interested.

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