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Know The Differences Between Organic Cotton and Regular Cotton, Helping You Make Better Choices For Your Clothing Line, Finding Better Clothing Manufacturers

Many people believe that cotton is the best material as it helps conserve the environment. But the truth is that it depends on the type of cotton in question. Organic cotton is very different from regular cotton. Not just by how it is made, but its distribution is also very different.
Most of us wear cotton clothes. However, not many of us know the cotton type we wear. Knowing the differences between organic and regular cotton can help you make better choices and care for the environment. Learn more about these cotton types from this article.

What is Organic Cotton?

organic cotton

Organic cotton is grown organically. Farmers do not use harmful fertilizers or pesticides during the process. It’s why it is considered safe for the environment. Bear in mind that pesticides are harmful to natural water resources. Plus, they can destroy ecosystems.
Growing plants organically contributes to the sustainability of the environment. There are strict regulations for cotton labeled as organics. These laws prohibit farmers from using insecticides, pesticides, and fertilizers when growing.
Organic cotton has various uses in the clothing and textile industries. Instead of using regular cotton, clothing manufacturers can use organic cotton that has less impact on the environment.

Organic VS Regular Cotton: The Differences

Organic and regular cotton has several differences, which are:

1. Production

organic cotton production

Cotton grown in dryland is different from the irrigated one. Dryland cotton depends on rainfall to grow, while irrigated cotton relies on underground water sources. Most cotton worldwide is irrigated.
But while we will have cotton, irrigation uses groundwater, leading to a salt buildup in freshwater sources. However, rain-fed organic cotton doesn’t need much water from the natural ecosystem.

2. Purity of the Cotton

organic cotton ingredients

The purity levels are influenced by the cotton-picking method used. Farmers either handpick or machine-pick. Organic cotton is picked by hand, thus preserving the purity of the fibers. Plus, it ensures that the fibers aren’t damaged in the process.
On the other hand, regular cotton is machine picked because of the high demand. The fibers tend to lose purity and can sometimes get damaged. Since organic cotton has longer fibers, it is softer and high quality than regular cotton.

3. Farming and Weeding

organic cotton farming

Regular cotton is grown using GMO seeds that resist bugs. However, farmers will use pesticides and other chemicals when bugs attack. Organic cotton comes from natural seeds and doesn’t use harmful chemicals. Therefore, it is safe to use on the skin.
Also, regular cotton farmers use herbicides to kill weeds. These chemicals reduce crop quality and damage the soil. Plus, constant use can cause severe illnesses to farmers. On the other hand, farmers weed organic cotton using hands or hoeing.

Benefits of Organic Cotton Clothing

Clothing designs made of organic cotton offer various benefits. Organic cotton doesn’t use harmful chemicals during Production. Therefore, it is recommended for people with allergies and skin concerns.
Also, if you are starting your clothing industry, using organic cotton instead of regular cotton can be a unique selling point. Although organic cotton still uses up resources, it is better and kinder to the environment. Thus, using it for your clothing designs can promote sustainable fashion.

Final Thoughts

Organic cotton offers various benefits to the environment and our health. Thus, it’s the best fabric to use. So make the switch today and contribute to sustainable development. Plus, various reputable wholesale clothing vendors sell organic cotton. So, you will not struggle to find this material. 
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